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WoW Moviewatch: The Eve of Destruction - Theramore Isle


We all know that we're about to have Theramore ripped away from us. Frankly, it sucks. Oh, sure, it's for story reasons and the game has to move forward and so on. But Theramore has a special place in our hearts as that place where we used to train first aid.

So, WoWMartiean put this video together to commemorate this about-to-be-lost location. This is what he said:
It is my vision of the last day of Theramore, the sun setting on the town one last time. I try and capture the city itself but also the common folks, the military presence and of course the tower, and Jaina. I wanted to cover it in revelry but also remorse.. for the impending doom it was about to face. The bell at the end is purposeful. Is that the alarm signaling the attack?
If nothing else, it's nice to have a snapshot of this favorite haunt of the Alliance before it's eradicated forever by the unchecked aggression of whoever orders the attack. I'm sure we'll be very self-righteous and indignant about it later, though.
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