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Zite adds an Election 2012 category for political junkies

Mel Martin

Count me among the political junkies. I'm getting election news from all over, and now my favorite news aggregator Zite has added a new feature I'm already liking. You might like it as well.

Zite is a free iOS news app that keeps track of your interests and produces a unique magazine filled with things you like. Zite already had a Political section, but the problem was it was mixing US News with international political news. Now, with the creation of an Election 2012 category, I can concentrate on seeing news about the upcoming November election.

Like all Zite categories, it watches what stories you pull up and how much time you spend on them. Then it fine-tunes itself so the news you get is the news you have shown the most interest in. Over time, Zite gets smarter and smarter about your choices.

Zite is available for the iPhone and iPad. If you add the Election category on one of your iOS devices and have a free Zite account, the other device will add it automatically. There isn't an update to the Zite app needed to enable the Election category. It will just be there when you select the option to customize your feeds.

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