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Primal Carnage shows off its raptors and trappers

Jordan Mallory

As made evident by the latest trailer above, Primal Carnage continues to embody the bloody fantasies of 10-year-olds everywhere who want to be real, live dinosaurs when they grow up. This look at the game's humans vs. dinosaurs multiplayer combat highlights two of the playable classes that will be available when the game eventually launches: Velociraptors and Trappers.

As you might guess, Velociraptor gameplay involves a lot of running, climbing and pouncing on squishy humans and their delicious organs, while Trapper gameplay is focused on disabling dinos with nets and then stabbing them with big ol' knives. The Trapper also has two sizable pistols at his disposal, which may or may not be a match for the adorable "Skreee!" sound the raptors make while pouncing.

If your inner child is throwing wild fits, placate them by signing up for the forthcoming beta.

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