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The Daily Grind: How long should in-game events run?

Eliot Lefebvre

If you were hoping to get yourself a nice Sand People outfit in Star Wars: The Old Republic's Grand Acquisition Race... well, you can still buy one, but you can't obtain the tokens to do so any longer. That makes the event a very brief one indeed, as it ran for just a week. You might argue this to be just enough time for players to enjoy the event if they wanted and not so long as to get annoying. Or you might argue that it's far too short for any sort of real pursuit of the rewards.

The trick with any in-game event is to run it just long enough, but everyone's going to have a different definition of how long is too long. For some players, a week is enough time to get everything; for others, a month is still not enough. It depends on playstyle, it depends on how much there is to do, and it depends upon how neat the event trappings are. So what do you think? How long should an in-game event run?

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