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You Don't Know Jack ditching Facebook credits for Tokens system


We reported on You Don't Know Jack coming to Facebook, so it's only fair that we follow-up as the game sheds parts of its entrenchment in the service. You Don't Know Jack is ditching Facebook credits for "Tokens," which will "simplify things and allow you to earn your way to more free games," Jellyvision writes.

Tokens give Jellyvision more freedom while keeping much of the existing credits framework in place: "You'll use Tokens to play games, get Performance Enhancers and collect other stuff we'll be releasing in the near future, like hidden commercials, new lifelines and other stuff." That "other stuff" includes the ability to offer discounted games, something that Jellyvision can't do with Facebook credits.

Players with games stashed up will see an even transfer once the Tokens switch takes place, whenever that may be.

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