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Apple lists which Samsung products it will try to ban in US


Apple won a huge jury victory over Samsung on Friday, and was generally vindicated on allegations of infringing patents in Samsung's smartphones. While the judge in the case still needs to uphold the jury's verdict, it's essentially all over but the crying -- and appeals.

Now Apple has released a preliminary list of the models it's alleging infringement, and here they are:

  • Galaxy S 4G
  • Galaxy S2 (AT&T)
  • Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket)
  • Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile)
  • Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
  • Galaxy S Showcase
  • Droid Charge
  • Galaxy Prevail

As you can see, the Galaxy S2 model has taken the brunt of the blame, and it indeed does look very similar to Apple's iPhone. The Droid Charge doesn't look quite as similar, but it infringes on "utility patents" rather than design patents. There's also an injunction on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 device, but the jury on Friday didn't rule that it infringed on Apple's patents, so that battle is also going on.

Our breakdown of which patents were ruled on and how those rulings went is here.

The next hearing is scheduled for September 20th, at which point the judge in the case will look at the jury's verdict, and consider possible injunctions on the infringing devices. Once that all takes place, we'll know exactly what the fallout from Friday's big decision will be.

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