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Capcom and Six Flags teaming up for a spooktacular Halloween


Fear not, Six Flags goers, this year's Fright Night festivities are bound to get your heart rate going (yup, we really just wrote that lead). Everyone's favorite Resident Evil publisher is bringing its latest game – Resident Evil 6 – to Six Flags parks nationwide starting on October 6.

Pre-ordering a copy of RE6 (through GameStop stores or online) nets you a discounted ticket to Fright Fest, a voucher for "one free haunted attraction," and "exclusive ride time" on unnamed roller coasters. You can also play the game at "interactive demo stations," though, you know, you'll have had the game for four days at that point. You could always pretend you've never played it and just look really good in front of strangers, we suppose, but then when do you look good excelling at a video game in front of strangers?

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