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DUST 514 and EVE Online 'initial integration' now playing on Singularity test server

Jef Reahard

CCP has announced that EVE Online and DUST 514 players can now officially communicate with one another in-game on the firm's Singularity test server.

DUST mercenaries and EVE capsuleers can chat each other up in the local channels of several empire systems, according to a new CCP forum post. EVE-mail messages can also be exchanged between the two playerbases, and DUST items are now visible on EVE's in-game market (though it's currently impossible to buy them through the EVE client).

CCP says initial EVE/DUST interaction is necessarily limited due to several known issues and the age of Singularity's current code base, but today's announcement marks an exciting first step in the firm's long-range plan to merge its long-running sci-fi MMORPG with its new PlayStation 3 shooter.

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