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    Use Fotobooks+ to organize, store and share photos on your iPhone

    Mel Martin

    Fotobooks+ is a US$0.99 app for iPhone that lets you organize photos in your Camera Roll into albums. The results look great and can be locked to keep select photos private. Here's my look at Fotobooks+.

    Pictures can be annotated with captions, which only appear once you've tapped an image. A second tap replaces the album backdrop with a black background.

    If you have a Dropbox account, the albums can be saved there, and retrieved from the cloud if disaster strikes. Additionally, images can be emailed or sent to Facebook directly from the app.

    Gallery: Fotobooks+ | 4 Photos

    You can have page after page of albums, all with different styles. You can, of course, put the images in any order, or move them between albums. All in all, this is a nice way to store photos with some features that go beyond what Apple offers in iOS.

    There are a few problems, however. The albums aren't very smart about displaying longer title text. I named an album "Landscapes" and the app wrapped the "s" onto a new line. I think the font size should be reduced to prevent this. When you mail a photo, your custom label doesn't go along with it. I would think the purpose of the label is to share that information with others, but it doesn't work that way. Also, complete albums can't be shared, just individual photos.

    The developers say they will add some new display effects in an upcoming version and that would be welcome.

    Fotobooks+ is a nice app, and it's priced appropriately. With a few adjustments it would be a world-class solution for photo storage and display. As it is, it is a very good app worthy of your consideration.

    Fotobooks+ requires iOS 5.1. It is not a universal app, and I think an iPad version or a true universal version would be a really good addition to the feature set.

    You can see some screenshots in the gallery above.

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