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Fuji Electric releasing first coin-operated EV fast charger, gives electric cars extra life


Fuji Electric Retail Systems Co. is no stranger to flipping coins for profit, thanks to a robust lineup of vending machines such as the A011. The Japanese company, however, has also branched out from dispensing hot and cold drinks for change by supplementing its offerings with a different kind of juice. Meet the FRCM00CK -- the industry's first coin-operated fast charger for electric vehicles, according to Fuji Electric. The charger measures 300mm wide, 400mm deep, 1,210mm tall and tips the scale at 41 kilograms. It also doesn't take paper currency, limiting its appetite to coins in ¥10, ¥50, ¥100 and ¥500 denominations. The machine's product page doesn't give specifics about how long it takes to charge vehicles but says it can provide a maximum charging time of 60 minutes. Incidentally, Fuji Electric's US site states that its FRC series of EV chargers can completely power up a 25 kWh electric vehicle battery in about 60 minutes. The coin-operated charger will cost ¥600,000 or about $7,600 and is slated for a 2012 release. Some may argue that it doesn't have quite the geek cool of the Roto-A-Matic or the WiFi vending machine. Still, the FRCM00CK is decidedly more electric.

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