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Guild Wars 2 launch events coming September 1st


Looking for a way to celebrate the release of a certain fantasy title with other like-minded fans? Launch events for Guild Wars 2 are coming a few days after the game's release, but don't go blaming the launch parties for being lazy. They've got to revive several overworked and passed-out ArenaNet employees, after all.

ArenaNet has just posted a list of launch events across the US for Guild Wars 2. The events will take place on Saturday, September 1st, in Seattle, Austin, Orlando, New York, and Los Angeles. Devs will be on hand to sign Guild Wars paraphernalia, stage quiz contests, hold raffles, and give away T-shirts, posters, Guild Wars 2 collector's editions, and exclusive in-game items to the first takers.

ArenaNet hasn't forgotten its fans in Europe; the studio will be partnering with agencies in the region to hand out similar goodies.

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