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Logitech teases new Ultimate Ears lineup, says it's bringing 'power to the music' on August 29th


Having most recently introduced products like its water-friendly K310 washable keyboard and that TV Cam HD, Logitech's now apparently prepping a fresh Ultimate Ears portfolio for all sound lovers out there. Via its UE page on Zuck's social network, the company's teasing a plethora of products with some rather suppressive shots that don't quite tell us what's on the other end, though we can slightly see new headphones and speakers will be the focus of the main 'Power to the Music' event in a couple of days -- or August 29th, to be exact. For now, it looks like we'll have to keep wondering, but you can get a better hint for what to expect by tapping on the Facebook link below.

[Thanks, Khaled]

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