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Molyneux's follow-up to Curiosity is 'Cooperation'


Curiosity, the first project from Peter Molyneux's neux company, 22 Cans, isn't even out the door yet and already the fabled designer is talking up the studio's second project. The next game from 22 Cans is currently called Cooperation, Molyneux told Polygon. Curiosity will see iPhone gamers slowly working to discover the secret at the heart of a mysterious cube. Meanwhile, Molyneux said that Cooperation will be "very, very different."

Proving that he has not yet lost his great gift for hyperbole, Molyneux went on to say, "If you think of [Curiosity] being the biggest mystery posted to the digital world, Cooperation is the biggest cooperative effort the world has ever known." The game (seemingly despite its title) will be competitive and may have something to do with tug of war. Presumably, it will also be the 8th Wonder of the World.

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