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PS Vita v1.80 update now live (Or, say hello to PSOne Classics!) [update: More games playable]


The first round of PSOne Classics is now available on the PS Vita. The 1.80 firmware update is now live, making available nine different PSOne titles on the PS Vita: Arc the Lad, Cool Boarders 2, Final Fantasy VII, Hot Shots Golf 2, Jet Moto, Syphon Filter, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal 2 and Wild Arms.

Outside of the addition of PSOne Classics, v1.80 also adds the option for d-pad navigation. Users can go into settings and enable d-pad controls for menu navigation, which was previously touch screen-only. The PS Vita browser has been expanded, as well – all of which is demonstrated in the video above.

Update: As always seems to be the case with Sony backwards compatibility, it's more complicated than release lists make it out to be. Two games from our previous download list, Cho Aniki and Money Idol Exchanger – both PSOne Imports published by MonkeyPaw – downloaded to Vita from our accounts. We've only tested Cho Aniki so far, but it runs. Neither of these games are on either Sony's or MonkeyPaw's list of supported games.

Um Jammer Lammy, another PSOne game missing from today's release list, was not downloadable on Vita, proving that not all PSOne games are active – but some that aren't listed are.

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