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RaiderZ shows off the Broken Mast

Eliot Lefebvre

Every character needs to start somewhere. In RaiderZ, "somewhere" is the Broken Mast. It's a coastal zone filled with marauding pirates, malicious sea creatures, and plenty of magical ruins. It's also the first zone to receive a video preview showing off these highlights as well as some of the action combat that defines RaiderZ's gameplay.

The video gives an overview of the major threats to adventurers in the area, showing off some visually appealing locations as well as what appears to be the option for environmental destruction. There's also a preview of the magical constructs guarding the heart of the area's ruins. While there's only so much to be seen in a minute-long video preview, it's enough to get a feel for how diverse the zone is. So if you're eager for a look at what you'll be able to smack around once you get in in the game, take a look past the break for the full preview.

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