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Playnomics puts gamers into eight categories


Forget the Bartle Test -- there's a whole new chart for player behavior. Playnomics, a predicative gaming analytics company, has crunched a lot of numbers to neatly segment players into eight categories depending on the player's motivation and behavior.

Combining behavioral science and in-game data, the company created a neat infographic that attempts to sell you on the concept of these eight categories, which uses the axes of intuitive/diligent, social/solus, and proactive/reactive. The end result of these fundamental types is composed of scientists, politicians, collectivists, soloists, habitualists, socialites, strategists, and competitors.

When applied to the population of the UK, the study showed that strategists (32%) and politicians (22%) are dominant, while soloists (5%) and habitualists (5%) are the minority.

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