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Samsung expands Galaxy S III colors: yes, you can get brown


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Samsung just couldn't relegate itself to a two-tone, blue and white Galaxy S III universe -- the company is using the run-up to IFA 2012 to triple the size of its smartphone's palette. We've seen the Garnet Red model arrive early at AT&T, but it now looks to be spreading abroad; the previously leaked Sapphire Black is equally official for those who don't think the original blue is dark enough. We're also seeing two more colors that have been relatively undiscovered, including a Titanium Gray and an unconventional Amber Brown. No, not that kind of brown, although it may be the first time in awhile that earthy hue has claimed such a high profile. Color choices will vary depending on the carrier or store, which leaves a distinct chance that you'll be switching networks or hunting down importers if you've got to have just the right shade of Hyperglaze in your life.

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