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Daily iPad App: Supermagical provides polished fun


You've played games like Supermagical before. It's similar to Bubble Bobble or Snood, two games which have been seen multiple times on almost every platform, including iOS. But the key here is polish. Supermagical is a fun game that has you matching up colored balls that you fire across the screen. Just like the developer's previous release, Pro Zombie Soccer, the production value is very high.

The game is tilted on its side, so instead of shooting up to the top, you're firing across the screen, and bouncing balls across the top and bottom. That simple change adds a lot. Supermagical's cute characters and colorful graphics go a long way as well, and spells, powerups, and special attacks make the game pop off of the screen. There are also extra goals, like completing a level in a certain time, and various items change the gameplay.

Supermagical's core idea isn't new. If you've played Snood, you'll know how this all works. But it's well done, and more than worth the 99 cent price. Supermagical is available as a universal app right now.

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