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First two LocoCycle trailers show off gameplay, voice talent, wackiness

Jordan Mallory

Twisted Pixel just released the first two trailers for its latest jam, LocoCycle, and boy howdy does it look as trademark weird as we were hoping. The game focuses on a sentient three-wheeled motorcycle named I.R.I.S. (voiced by Lisa Foiles) who is on the run from her creators and, by extension, the bike they've sent to retrieve her: S.P.I.K.E., voiced by Robert Patrick.

As shown in the gameplay trailer above, I.R.I.S. is armed with automatic weaponry and is capable of dramatic, in-air martial arts, ala Devil May Cry/Bayonetta. S.P.I.K.E., who can be seen in the behind-the-scenes voice-actor trailer after the break, has a decidedly more sinister Ghost Rider feel, as opposed to I.R.I.S.'s sophisticated Tron vibe. Well, as sophisticated as a motorcycle dragging a person while punching dudes with its tires can look, at any rate.

LocoCycle's release window is still a painfully vague "2013."

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