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Netgear intros sharing-savvy N750 Premium Edition router, powerline and WiFi adapters for media fans


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Netgear is giving its home networking the same sort of tuneup going into the fall that you'd give your car -- not a complete overhaul, but enough to keep it running in top form. Headlining the pack, the N750 Premium Edition router you're looking at above upgrades the original N750 through a better ability to play with others: the dual-band WiFi hotspot's ReadyShare file access expands to the cloud, while its USB support now envelops Apple's AirPrint and Time Machine as well as TiVo Storage. Media sharing mavens also get their own, more specific add-ons. The Powerline Media Extender can pipe audio (and USB printing or storage) over a 200Mbps link, with a major emphasis on AirPlay streaming; the N900 4-port WiFi Adapter is a slightly less exotic, 450Mbps wireless-to-Ethernet bridge for multi-device home theaters. If Netgear's refresh is tempting enough to prompt a trade-up, you can snag the N750 Premium Edition immediately for $120 or wait until September and October for the respective launches of the N900 adapter for $80 and the Powerline Music Extender in its single pack ($99) or dual-device starter kit ($139) editions.

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Enables customers to create secure private cloud for safe and secure remote access to their data and supports Apple Time Machine backup for Macs

Berlin, Germany – August 29, 2012 – NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, today announced the NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router - Premium Edition (WNDR4300), a wireless solution that combines a rich feature set with blazing fast 750Mbps (300 + 450 Mbps) speed to stream HD video, support multiplayer gaming and handle large file transfers. Featuring secure NETGEAR ReadyShare® Cloud service and compatibility with Apple® Time Machine®, the NETGEAR N750 is a cost-effective router that makes home networks faster, more reliable and easier to manage in medium-to-large homes.

The NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Premium Router includes NETGEAR ReadyShare Cloud service, which enables the creation of a highly secure private cloud for easily accessing and sharing files wirelessly. NETGEAR ReadyShare Cloud keeps all your files stored securely at home but available to transfer, edit or share anywhere, anytime remotely via your smartphone, tablet or PC. Simply and securely drag and drop files and folders without the hassle of using multiple file sharing sites or uploading.

The NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Premium Router's compatibility with Apple Time Machine provides automatic wireless backup to a connected USB hard drive for Macs. The router also offers expanded TiVo® Storage via a connected USB drive for saving your favorite programs and NETGEAR ReadyShare Printer for sharing USB printers on the network. Simultaneous dual band (2.4 and 5.0 GHZ) and four gigabit Ethernet ports ensure an ultra-fast connection and stronger WiFi connections for medium-to-larger homes.

"The NETGEAR N750 Premium WiFi router provides a feature rich solution to meet increasing consumer demand for safe and secure access to data anytime and anywhere," said Sandeep Harpalani, senior product line manager for wireless networking, NETGEAR. "By offering a feature set unmatched by any other wireless router on the market, NETGEAR raises the bar and firmly reiterates its position of leadership in the market."

The NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Difference:

- Faster WiFi speed – up to 750 Mbps (300 + 450 Mbps) for fast HD video streaming, simultaneous downloads and lag-free online gaming
- NETGEAR ReadyShare Printer easily turns any existing USB printer into a fully functional networked printer that is compatible with Macs and PCs
- NETGEAR Genie® is a free utility for PCs and Macs that enables home users to easily control, monitor, repair and manage their home networks through a simple dashboard
- Makes any printer compatible with Apple AirPrintTM so that iPads® or iPhones® can print to any printer in the home
- Supports the DLNA standard for streaming media to DLNA-enabled HDTVs, Blu-ray™ players and game consoles
- Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) provides the best possible viewing experience for Internet video by giving priority to video streams over other home network traffic
- Security is provided by WPA and WPA2 protocols for WiFi, double firewall (SPI and NAT) protection against Internet threats, and denial-of-service (DoS) attack prevention
- NETGEAR Live Parental Controls offer centralized, flexible and reliable parental control through web filtering for all devices on the network for a safe online environment

Easy to Install, Set Up and Use

Setup for the NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router - Premium Edition is easy for the Apple iPad, tablets, smartphones and computers. Just the push of a button establishes WiFi connections (WPS), and NETGEAR Genie makes home network management simple.

Pricing and Availability

The NETGEAR N750 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router - Premium Edition (WNDR4300), is available from major worldwide retailers, in stores and online for $119.99 USD.


The NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender Delivers Digital Convergence in the Home

Berlin, Germany – August 29, 2012 – NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, today announced the NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender (XAUB2511). Using Powerline technology, the NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender combines the ability to turn any outlet into an Internet connection, with the ability to play your music in any room in the home with an outlet.

The NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender enables you to stream music to speakers anywhere in the home from a smartphone, tablet (Apple® iOS- and Android®-supported) or Windows PC. Just choose music on your smartphone, tablet or Windows PC, select a remote speaker in your home connected to the NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender, and play it. For Macs and iOS devices, use the Airplay® function to stream the music to your desired speaker. For PCs and Android devices, download an app for such capabilities.

Any type of audio system is supported, from a brand new home theater system to an old stereo, which can be connected using RCA jack connectors.

As a unique feature for your Apple iPhone® and Apple iPad®, you can stream your favorite music from Pandora®, Spotify® or Deezer™ services to the remote speaker using the Airplay function.

The NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender can also connect smart TVs, HD set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-ray™ players, network DVRs, PCs or any other Ethernet-based device to the Internet via an Ethernet port (RJ45). In addition, the XAUB2511, through a NETGEAR "media extender app" downloaded to your PC, enables you to connect your Windows PC to remote USB devices located anywhere at home, be it a USB printer or USB hard drive.

The NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender is the latest in a series of NETGEAR products that go beyond basic networking to enhance the multimedia experience for consumers worldwide.

The NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender Difference

- Stream music from your smartphone, tablet or Windows PC to a speaker anywhere at home
- Enjoy music on existing Hi-Fi system's speakers, even for those that are not Internet-enabled
- Works with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets
- Turns any power outlet into an Internet connection
- Includes a "pass-through" power outlet so other electrical devices can share the same outlet
- Share a USB printer or USB hard drive on the home network.

"Consumers want to remotely control and play their music anywhere in the home without being confined by distance or device," said Fred Guiot, senior product line manager, consumer products at NETGEAR. "By enabling users to connect and use existing speakers, NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender facilitates the 'play music anywhere' lifestyle we have come to expect. The Extender also turns any power outlet into a high-speed Internet connection, and can be used as a network connection for USB printers and USB hard drives on the home network – with minimal setup."

Easy to Install, Set Up and Use:

NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender is simple to install and set up. No configuration is necessary – just plug and play.

Pricing and Availability

NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender will be available worldwide from major retailers and online starting in October 2012. The NETGEAR Powerline Music Extender Starter kit (XAUB2511) starts at $139/139€. The single pack XAU2511, ideal for those who already have NETGEAR Powerline at home, is priced starting at $99/99€.


The NETGEAR N900 Adapter Delivers 450 Mbps Dual Band WiFi for a Fast Online Gaming and HD Streaming Experience at Home

Berlin, Germany – August 29, 2012 – NETGEAR®, Inc. (NASDAQGM: NTGR), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, today announced the availability of the NETGEAR N900 4-Port WiFi Adapter (WNCE4004). The adapter connects up to four Ethernet-enabled devices - like Smart TVs, Blu-ray™ players, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 and others - to WiFi for ultra-fast HD video streaming at 450Mbps on each WiFi band, providing an unparalleled home entertainment experience.

The NETGEAR N900 4-port WiFi Adapter supports multiple, simultaneous 1080 HD wireless streams so consumers can enjoy HD content from Netflix®, Vudu™, YouTube™, Hulu® Plus and other Internet content services, as well as an improved gaming experience with lower-latency. The NETGEAR adapter is ideal for upgrading home theater and gaming devices to Dual Band N 450 Mbps WiFi for an enhanced entertainment experience. For those who already have a dual-band router, the NETGEAR N900 Video and Gaming 4-Port WiFi Adapter is a way to add 5-GHz performance to gaming consoles, TVs and Blu-ray players which is ideal for demanding tasks such as HD video streaming.

Streaming HD content to Ethernet-enabled devices at home often requires a wired connection that is frequently impractical to install. The NETGEAR N900 4-port WiFi Adapter quickly and easily makes an Internet connection for multiple wired devices in a room via WiFi, which eliminates the need and additional cost of having to use multiple USB WiFi adapters for the respective devices. Because of the adapter's small form factor, it can easily be placed next to a TV or within a home entertainment center.

Connectivity for an Enhanced Entertainment Experience

- Wirelessly stream multiple 1080p HD videos throughout your home
- Ideal for upgrading your PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, or any device with an Ethernet port, to the maximum (450 Mbps) WiFi speed
- Connect up to four devices like Blu-ray players, smart TVs, streaming players and game consoles
- Dual band WiFi connects to an existing 2.4, or better yet, a 5 GHz WiFi access point, gateway or router to eliminate interference, providing greater signal quality and performance for online gaming and HD video streaming
- Optimized for buffer and glitch-free HD video streaming when watching video from streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon®, Vudu, Crackle®, YouTube and more
- One-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup® (WPS) wireless connection
- Wi-Fi Protected Access® (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK) and WEP data encryption
- Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports to connect to home A/V devices

"It's important to get a great entertainment experience when streaming an HD movie from Vudu or playing an online session of Activision® 'Call of Duty®' on your Xbox 360," said Damir Skripic, product line manager for connected entertainment at NETGEAR. "The NETGEAR N900 Video and Gaming 4-Port WiFi Adapter is ideal for consumers who want to simultaneously connect multiple entertainment devices to their WiFi network at a faster WiFi speed."

Pricing and Availability

The NETGEAR N900 4-Port WiFi Adapter will be available worldwide September, 2012 for $79.99 from major retailers in stores and online.

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