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Need a case for that Galaxy Camera? Samsung's got you covered (eyes-on)

Zach Honig

We've seen the ins and outs of Samsung's first Android-based digital camera, but how about an outer shell? You likely won't be transporting this junbo point-and-shoot in your pocket, making a variety of protective options a necessity. First up is the Flip Cover -- a camera-friendly variant of the Galaxy original, with a slide-in design and a large protective flap to cover up the LCD. There's also a full-on carrying case, which slips open to reveal the lens while offering a bit more protection. And, if you're going au naturel, you'll want to suit up with a wrist strap at the very least, offering a bit of insurance against potential slips and spills. We don't have pricing and availability info to share, but like the camera itself, it looks like there's a bunch of color configurations to choose from, all pictured in the gallery below.

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