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Sphero releases a new slate of games, more coming this year


Sphero is the little robot ball that you can control with your iOS device (or other mobile device), and the company behind the toy has announced that it's releasing a new series of games for Sphero. There are already a few out there, but this new lineup will include more titles with different types of gameplay, as well as a few sequels to previous games with better interactivity and smoother features.

You can play Tag with your Sphero, or ColorGrab, which requires you to pick the ball up when it flashes a certain color. There's also an updated version of the Golf game, and a brand new controller app with more options to connect and more ways to use the cute little ball.

Sphero's got an app catalog set up to show off the apps that work with the ball, and you can buy the device itself at Brookstone or an Apple Store near you (the MSRP is $129.99). Sphero says it's aiming to get up to 20 more apps out before the holiday season is over, so we'll expect to see even more titles available soon.

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