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CCP talks DUST's matchmaking system

Jef Reahard

The PlayStation blog has a new post up concerning DUST 514. More specifically, CCP is getting ready to unveil its matchmaking system for the sci-fi shooter MMO. The company says that DUST will use "an algorithm that takes into account certain criteria when considering whom to populate into a quick match. Some criteria are hardware-based, such as internet speed/latency, while others are based on player statistics, measuring players' overall strengths and then pulling them into balanced teams using that information."

The new system will debut in the game's next beta patch. The update will also introduce the ability for player mercenaries to form four-man squads and join a quick match together. DUST's instant battle matchmaking system is also part of a new feature that sees players fighting for planetary district ownership on behalf of various NPC corporations from sister MMO EVE Online.

Head over to the PlayStation blog for the full article.

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