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Guild Wars 2 email authentication, status updates, sales halt [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre

Guild Wars 2 players have gotten absolutely slammed with phishing attempts following the game's launch. ArenaNet has accordingly beefed up security for the game, starting with the new email authentication system that's being rolled out today. The system is lightweight and works without players needing an extra code to enter at the login screen, instead relying upon the security of your designated email account. And all players need to do to activate the system is verify their email addresses (which can be done right on the login screen).

Once the email is verified, every time the associated account tries to log in, the account holder will be sent an email requesting permission. Account holders can deny the logon, allow it for a single instance, or remember the location in question and always log on from there. It's not ironclad, but it should help players affected by these phishing attempts ensure that they'll be safe.

[Thanks to Ring Bonefield for the tip!]

[Update: ArenaNet has once again taken to Reddit to post updates as to the status of outstanding bugs and issues and bans in the game. The studio has also temporarily halted sales of the game through the ArenaNet website.]

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