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Manage an 80s arcade in Arcadecraft, coming to PC and Xbox Live


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developer Firebase Industries today unveiled Arcadecraft, an upcoming arcade management sim for PC and Xbox Live (though the developer hasn't clarified if it's coming to Arcade or Indie Games). As the above trailer shows, finally we'll all be able to realize our universal life goal: owning a dingy backstreet arcade.

Arcadecraft, Firebase tells us, chronicles the rollercoaster that was the 1980s arcade industry; the golden age of the early 80s, the mid-decade crash, and the return to glory towards the 90s. While Firebase hopes to include around 100 fictional machines in Arcadecraft, it's the real ups and downs of the 80s that impact how arcades evolve. As time goes on, black and white games progress into color, Laserdisc arrives along with two-player machines, and then there's the sacred invention of the 'continue.'

Similar to the 'Theme' games of the 90s, subtleties like the pricing and difficulty of machines can affect customer loyalty. There are peripheral influences too, like a home version reducing a machine's popularity, or a classic game riding a nostalgic second wave. Meanwhile, as the above trailer shows, arcades can be customized with pillars, graphics, and neon - lots of neon - while Xbox Live players get to see Avatars gracing their establishments.

While there's no word on a release date, Firebase reckons Arcadecraft should be completed around October. In the meantime, you can find some screenshots after the break.

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