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Avid Studio for iPad loses support, replaced with Pinnacle Studio

Mel Martin

You might get a surprise when you open Avid Studio on the iPad today. A pop-up message advises users that the app won't get any more support. Users are urged to download Pinnacle Studio, a similar high-end editing app owned by Corel. The changes are a result of Corel buying the consumer line of Avid editing tools. Avid Studio was US$4.99, but Pinnacle Studio, at least for now, is free.

The Avid app and new Pinnacle app are very powerful, with a great many features not contained in Apple's iMovie for iOS.

The Pinnacle app allows the creation of projects containing video, audio and photos that can all be placed into the editing timeline. The app supports 16 transitions, title creation, and video compositing. Files can be shared via YouTube, Facebook, Box, Apple TV and more. Projects can be exported in 1080p to Pinnacle Studio which runs on a PC. Media can be imported using the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

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I put together a quick movie using some media I already had on my iPad. The workflow is intuitive and the final output is of very high quality.

With iMovie for iOS at US$4.99, Pinnacle Studio seems like a no brainer. So grab it while it's free and give it a try.

The app is a 67 MB download and works on the iPad 2 and the latest iPad. It requires iOS 5.1 or greater.

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