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Elgato outs smaller EyeTV Mobile for iPhones and iPads, EyeTV Micro for Android


It was at the last IFA we got some time with Elgato's EyeTV Mobile for the iPad, and this year they're at it again with a redesigned iDongle and a brand new model for Android gear. The smaller EyeTV Mobile will have you watching DVB-T broadcasts on your iPhone 4S or iPad (2 or new), while the EyeTV Micro swaps Apple's dock connector for, you guessed it, microUSB. Not all Android devices support the Micro -- you'll need a dual-core CPU, Neon support and at least the 4.0.3 build of ICS. That said, the Micro's a generous little chap, as you can use the included USB cable to hook it up to your PC or Mac and get your TV fix on bigger screens, too. Both peripherals can be used with myriad aerials to meet your reception needs, provided you're in Europe, of course. The Mobile and Micro will be available in September for £89.95 and £54.95 (around $143 and $87), respectively, and we hope to see one on the show floor before IFA 2012 is done, so stay tuned.

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IFA 2012: Elgato presents mobile TV solutions for iPad, iPhone and Android

Munich, August 30, 2012 – Elgato today unveiled the new EyeTV Mobile, a redesigned, even smaller model of its highly acclaimed DVB-T TV Tuner designed to fit the iPad's and iPhone's dock connector. With the IFA 2012 launch of the new EyeTV Mobile comes the announcement of EyeTV Micro, an ultra-compact DVB-T TV Tuner for Android smartphones and tablets. Also on display at this years IFA is the Game Capture HD, Elgato's solution for recording and sharing PlayStation or Xbox gameplay. Visit Elgato in Hall 12 / 113.

An even smaller EyeTV Mobile
Thanks to highly efficient chip technology, the new EyeTV Mobile is just half the size of any other TV tuner for the dock connector. Despite its ultra-compact enclosure, EyeTV Mobile can be used with different aerials to get the best possible reception both on the move and at home. EyeTV Mobile will be available for the new iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, and iPhone 4S in September at a price of GBP 89.95 £ through Elgato's online shop and resellers. The EyeTV Mobile app is free and is available on the App Store.

EyeTV Micro turns Androids into TVs
EyeTV Micro brings powerful DVB-T reception, extreme portability, and clean design to Android. It connects to the Micro USB port which is common on many smartphones and tablets. Alternatively, EyeTV Micro can be connected to a computer using the included USB adapter cable, and Mac or PC software. EyeTV Micro ships with different aerial options to deliver the best possible reception both on the move and at home. It will be available in September for Android devices with a dual-core CPU, NEON support and Android 4.0.3 ("Ice Cream Sandwich") at a price of GBP £54.95 through Elgato's online shop and resellers. The EyeTV Micro app is free and is available on Google Play.

Game Capture HD
Elgato also shows the Game Capture HD a simple and stylish solution for recording and sharing PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 gameplay using a Mac or PC. With Elgato Game Capture HD, gameplay videos are easier to record, edit and share than ever before thanks to its innovative hardware design, powerful H.264 encoder, and software that is specifically tailored to gamers needs. Elgato Game Capture HD is available for EUR £179.95 .

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