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Gnome-flavored Ubuntu desktop environment coming for purest purists


If you're a Linux user squarely in the Gnome desktop camp and sneer with disdain at the mention of Unity, there's good news -- your preferred flavor is coming, uncontaminated, to Ubuntu. Though "GNOMEBuntu" was originally floated as a name for the new environment, that idea was apparently kiboshed by the Gnome Foundation, leaving "GNOBuntu" and "Gnubuntu" as possible monikers, according to Mutkware. Neither Unity, nor cloud service Ubuntu One will be included in the distro, but you'll find a library of apps pre-installed, including the Epiphany browser and Rhythmbox music player. Customized settings will let you further tweak the purity level to suit your zeal -- so, if you're thinking about grabbing the upcoming alpha, check the source for more info.

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