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Google Play's End of Summer Sale outed by discounted apps, lets the Lorax speak for the savings


It looks like a handful of select apps have outed Mountain View's Labor day plans: Google Play's End of Summer Sale. SwiftKey 3, The Lorax -- Dr. Seuss, Square Enix's Crystal Defenders, and other apps are now brandishing deep discounts, almost uniformly attributing the savings to the End of Summer Sale. Not every title on discount claims to be part of the unannounced event, however -- Max Payne Mobile slashed its price by 67 percent without so much as a hint at the alleged festivities. Google hasn't made the event official just yet, but we'd be willing to wager the deals will run through the holiday weekend. Check out the source link below to start making the most of your Google gift cards.

Update: Google's made the sale official, featuring 18 discounted apps for your shopping pleasure. Check out the official list of sale items at the updated source link below, but don't limit yourself: Max Payne Mobile and a handful of other deeply discounted games aren't on it.

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