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IFTTT Recipes: Post to


IFTTT Recipes is a new recurring column featuring recipes developed using and their favorite IFTTT channels. Come see what TUAW bloggers cook up in the IFTTT labs!

Wouldn't you like to post (tweet?) to from the Twitter client you already love with no extra effort? IFTTT works that magic for you. is a young, Twitter-like service. It's funded entirely by annual memberships, which is appealing to many who dislike intrusive advertising like sponsored tweets or Twitter's newly restrictive rules for developers.

Since it's still in active development (alpha access is being slowly rolled out to early adopters), there's not much support by way of fully formed apps for iOS and OS X. I dislike posting from a browser, so I've been ignoring for the time being. However, IFTTT's recently-added support lets me contribute with the Twitter apps I already use. Here's how to build this recipe.

First, enable both the Twitter channel and the channel (provided that you're in on the alpha). Then follow these steps:

  1. Choose "New tweets by you" as the trigger. Optionally include mentions and retweets.
  2. Choose as the action, then "Post an update." Fiddle with the ingredients to you liking (I accepted the default).
  3. Click "Create action," give it a name and finally click "Create recipe."

You're done! Now tweets composed and shared with your favorite Twitter client will appear in your stream. You'll have to go over there to monitor replies, etc., but this takes care of the posting. Enjoy!

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