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Clutter, clarity or random apps: What's on your Menu Bar?


Yesterday, our editor-in-chief Victor Agreda wrote about an app called Bartender for his Friday Favorite. It's an app that lets you further organize your Menu Bar items if you happen to have a few too many. That stirred up some interest around the newsroom about what we have in our individual Menu Bars, so we're all going to show our favorites. Here are mine (from left to right):

  • Dropbox: The one cloud utility I can't live without. Yes, I am automatically uploading all my photos to Dropbox now for backup.
  • Appetizer: An early App.Net client.
  • Twitter: Yes, I am still using the "official" Twitter app on my Mac. So sue me.
  • Bifocals: A utility for OS X that toggles visibility of invisible files. Unfortunately, it's not working correctly with Mountain Lion right now.
  • Text Expander: Can anyone live without this utility?
  • Growl: Still the best notification utility for OS X, soon to work with Notification Center.
  • DayOne: My favorite Mac app, which reminds me each day to write in my personal journal.
  • LogMeIn: Awesome way to control other computers, or control my Mac from an iPad or iPhone using LogMeIn Ignition.
  • Droplr: What I use to quickly share items with coworkers and friends.
  • iStat Menus: My way to see how much memory I'm using, how hot my iMac is running, and just how much CPU capacity is being used. Helpful when I'm streaming video for TUAW TV Live.
  • The typical Apple Menu Bar items: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Language Prefs, Volume, Time, Users & Groups, Spotlight, Notification Center

My fellow bloggers will be sharing their menu bars with you soon! What do you use in place of some of these apps? We'd love to hear from you. Throw a link to your screenshot into the comments, or chime in on the corresponding Facebook post.

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