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The Daily Grind: How could studios 'sunset-proof' their MMOs?


It's a sad week for caped crusaders, I'll tell you that. Many of us current and former City of Heroes players were rocked by the news that the studio and game have been given the axe by their NCsoft overlords. Even though CoH was a little long in the tooth, it seemed like a stable title that was doing well enough for itself in the free-to-play space.

Whatever the cause for City of Heroes' sunsetting (oh, I hate that term; it's too mellow for a terrible act), this may have the effect of making any player think, "If it happens here, it could happen to me and my game."

Sunsets come for us all, my friends, but it doesn't mean that we have to run into them. You'd think that there are some things an MMO studio or publisher could do to sunset-proof their titles and give them as long a life as possible. But what would those steps be? What do you think these companies should do to keep their games going for as long as possible that isn't already being done?

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