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VVVVVV creator's 'Super Hexagon' spins off on iOS next week


Hexagon, Terry Cavanagh's game of navigating infinitely spinning maze tunnels for as many seconds as you can handle, is, uh, something you should really play instead of trying to understand our description.

And you'll be able to play the updated iPhone version, Super Hexagon, as soon as next week. "I'm hoping to release it in a week, on Thursday the 6th of September, as a universal app for iPhone and iPad," Cavanagh announced. The iOS release will be on sale for a buck for the first week "or so," and will settle at $2.99 afterward. "Although I'm focusing on the iPhone version for the moment," Cavanagh notes, "I'm definitely going to put it out on other platforms later. PC/MAC at the very least, and Android is a possibility too!"

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