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Virgin Media unveils quartet of new SIM Only plans for data-focused Brits


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It was only in June that we saw Virgin Media shaking up its regular mobile plans for UK residents. The carrier is back for another round, this time to serve the SIM Only customers who thrive on unlocked phones. Four plans starting from £12 ($19) a month all provide unlimited data and text messaging for bring-your-own-phone subscribers, with voice as the only real separating factor: the thriftiest callers get 150 minutes per month, while higher £15, £17 and £25 ($24, $27 and $40) tiers ramp up to a respective 250, 1,200 and 2,500 minutes for chattier customers. The chief gotcha is a lack of bundled landline calling for all but the priciest plan, although existing Virgin Media subscribers can knock an extra £5 off of that rate. If you're the sort who can't bear the thought of a contract, Virgin now has you better covered.

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Virgin Media launches SIMply the best SIM Only deals

03 Sep 2012

Virgin Media has launched a range of SIMply unbeatable SIM Only deals, offering truly unlimited data and texts for as little as £12 per month. Available in-store and online today to all mobile customers, the new super-value tariffs also boast a range of minutes, tailored to suit even the most prolific of chatterers.

The £17 SIM Only Virgin Media tariff in particular offers unlimited data and texts as well as a 1,200 minutes every month, providing even more value for money when compared with current deals offered by T-Mobile, 3, Orange, O2 and Vodafone.

Virgin Media mobile customers can tweet, poke, surf and text to their heart's content as well as benefit from unlimited calls to other Virgin Media mobiles and enjoy the freedom of no lengthy ties with a 30 day rolling contract. In addition NUS card holders will also receive a further 15% off their total monthly bill.

Virgin Media's new SIM Only deals:

Virgin Media SIM Only deals

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

Unlimited texts

Unlimited texts

Unlimited texts

Unlimited texts




Unlimited calls to landline

150 minutes

250 minutes

1200 minutes

2500 minutes





Exclusive benefits for Virgin Media customers

Unlimited calls to Virgin Mobiles

In addition to this unbeatable SIM only offer, Virgin Media is also slashing prices on its Premiere contract tariff during September 2012 – meaning that customers are able to bag a Samsung Galaxy Y or Nokia Asha handset free with unlimited data, texts and 2500 minutes, at just £9.50 for the first six months**.

For more information on Virgin Media products and services visit

Notes to Editors

* £20 for existing Media customers

**Premiere tariff is a 24 month contract; price reverts to £19 per month after six months

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