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ASUS boasts about AiCloud features in new teaser (video)


Router, Rowter. However you say it, you probably need one, which is why ASUS is temping you toward buying one of its new AiCloud models. The new service is designed to unify your data across devices, letting you share and stream multimedia and documents from PCs to smartphones. You'll also be able to store files online, remote control your PC from your tablet and create single-click download links to share with your friends. ASUS is so excited about the project that it's released a new advert telling you all about it, which we've included for you after the break.

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ASUS AiCloud – make an incredible connection

ASUS AiCloud brings the convenience of cloud-based storage to everyone with a combination of easy to use technology and services, as well as indefinite storage and increased privacy. Smart Access lets users keep all their data on their home network or online storage facility easily accessible from anything from a smartphone to a PC, as long as they have an internet connection. It allows any networked computer to be incorporated into a private personal cloud for selective file sharing over the internet, using any compatible Windows, Mac and Linux device. Files can be easily shared through a simple web link.

Cloud Disk gives users access to an always-on data and media library by connecting a USB storage drive to an ASUS router like the RT-AC66U to act as a cloud services hub.This gives users their own media server on everything from Android or iOS-based smartphones or tablets to notebooks and no longer need to store space-hungry music and movie collections locally.

ASUS Smart Sync makes it easy to synchronise data on local storage devices with an ASUS WebStorage account. Synchronisation is automatic and takes place in real time to ensure that files are always up to date.

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