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Chell nearly married a turret in Portal 2


Between imaginary cakes, talking potatoes and combustible lemons, you might think Portal couldn't get any stranger. Well, it could have gotten stranger – even stranger than Cave Johnson trapped in a computer – as Valve writer Eric Wolpaw revealed during a PAX panel. Wolpaw told the audience that, originally, Chell was going to marry a turret during Portal 2.

Chell was supposed to discover a lost tribe of turrets, help them out and eventually be married to one by the Animal King turret. After this, the turret would follow Chell, according to Game Informer, "in a similar fashion to Watson in Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis."

And that brings us to the sole reason for writing this post: An opportunity to post the Creepy Watson video after the break. For added fun, imagine that Watson is a turret.

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