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Eufloria Adventures headed for Vita via PS Mobile


Eufloria Adventures, a new game in the Eufloria universe from Omni Systems, is being prepped for launch on PlayStation Mobile, or as we like to call it, Vita.

Eufloria Adventures will feature new gameplay mechanics with a focus on exploration and customization. Players control a seedling ship as it rounds up artifacts for study, highlighting the game's conflict-strategy approach, Gamasutra writes.

Eufloria (pictured above) has sold 250,000 copies on PSN, and Omni's Rudolf Kremers says the team enjoys working with Sony. "I think PS [Mobile] is a really smart and likeable move by Sony," he says. "Personally I find the Vita a stupendous handheld gaming device and to open it up to indie devs is exactly what it needs to set itself apart. Original indie games with a strong personal identity on a fantastic piece of kit? Seems to me the right approach."

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