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European Commission pushes for spectrum sharing, sees 5GHz WiFi getting a lift


The European Commission is well aware that we need spectrum. Rather than make everyone fight for their piece, though, the agency wants us to hug it out. It's proposing a spectrum change that would bring in "much more dynamic sharing" of both licensed and unlicensed radio frequencies. While nothing's definite at this point, the EC's Digital Agenda representative Ryan Heath mentions that the move could give more capacity to WiFi in the unlicensed 5GHz space -- no doubt a relief for anyone who's dealt with an overwhelmed public hotspot. That's not to say that carriers won't benefit. Officials want to provide perks by offering "guaranteed rights" to providers and anyone else that has to share licensed airwaves with others. The sharing initiative is a long distance away from having an impact given that the Commission is calling for help from the European Council and Parliament just to get started, but it could be an important step towards harmony in a land where unoccupied airwaves are rare.

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