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Indie Games Uprising 3 costs you $11, max


The Indie Games Summer Uprising is almost upon us: the coordinated rollout and promotion of high-profile (for XBLIG) games will begin on September 10 with the "arcade/documentary" Snake game, qrth-phyl. Find the full schedule for the two-week promotion after the break.

The Uprising has a much lower barrier to entry than something like Summer of Arcade. Even if you decide to buy absolutely everything in the Uprising, you're out just $11, less than the cost of most single XBLA releases.

Week 1
Mon Sep 10th - qrth-phyl
Tues Sep 11th - Sententia
Wed Sep 12th - Diehard Dungeon
Thurs Sep 13th - Gateways
Fri Sep 14th - Smooth Operators
Week 2
Mon Sep 17th – Entropy
Tues Sep 18th - City Tuesday
Wed Sep 19th - XenoMiner
Thurs Sep 20th - Pixel

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