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Invizimals gets 'enhanced reality' cartoon show, unlocks Vita content


Sony Europe yesterday announced an Invizimals animated show, and with that announcement hinted at a new PlayStation Vita entry in the series. The TV show, World Screen reports, is set to feature "enhanced reality" mechanics that let viewers unlock content on the Vita.

That content could be from a new Invizimals game, or it could be a companion app, a monster running around the screen, or coupons for an Invizimals-themed meal deal for kids. Or it could be all of the above, which would be neat.

The last game from Novorama, the team behind the Invizimals PSP games, was 2011's Reality Fighters on the Vita. The Sony-exclusive studio's next game remains unknown, with Novarama CEO David Sánchez telling Gamereactor in June, "Invizimals on PS Vita has not been announced and is not real – yet."

The TV show's interactivity with Vita may be nothing to do with any game, but Invizimals, as an augmented reality series, seems a perfect fit for the console. For now, the Invizimals cartoon awaits its pilot and 26 subsequent episodes. Meanwhile, here in the US we're still waiting on a release for the third Invizimals game, Lost Tribes. Although a year's wait is per usual.

We've reached out to Novarama for comment on the Vita content.

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