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Rumor: Cancelled 'Crash Team Racing 2010' screenshots surface on YouTube

Jordan Mallory

If we're to believe it, that video up there contains a series of screenshots from a cancelled sequel to (or reboot of) Crash Team Racing, Naughty Dog and SCE's 1999 kart racer set in the Crash Bandicoot universe.

As the story goes, Crash Team Racing 2010 was in development at High Impact Games, even getting so far as to enter its beta testing phase, until Activision shut down production for unknown reasons. The simplified UI design and somewhat minimalistic graphic style, along with High Impact's history as a mobile developer, seem to point to CTR2010 having been a PSP title, assuming it actually existed.

We've reached out to High Impact for a statement on its involvement either way.

[Thanks, Allen!]

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