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Tribute Games' Mercenary Kings adds Ouya to its plan


With seven days left, Mercenary Kings has surpassed its $75,000 goal on Kickstarter, meaning that at the very least, a PC version is incoming. In addition, an Ouya version of the crafting-enhanced run-and-gun, with animations by Paul Robertson, is also on the way.

"Since we'll be needing some extra time to port the game code, the Ouya version will be released at a later date than the PC version," developer Tribute Games noted on the Kickstarter page. If the Ouya supports codes, Tribute will hand out a free Ouya version of the game along with the Steam key to which each over-$15 backer is entitled. Tribute believes codes will be supported, "even though this is not 100 percent confirmed."

In case you somehow managed to get to the end of the post after staring at the Metal Wolf animation above, please resume staring at it.

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