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EverQuest gets its 19th expansion: Rain of Fear


Not to be outdone by the news of EverQuest II's new expansion and SOE's Player Studio, faithful ol' EverQuest is muscling its way back into the spotlight with its 19th expansion, titled Rain of Fear.

Rain of Fear picks up the story from House of Thule, where nasty shards of power are falling from the sky and becoming ripe for the taking. Players will hop across the world to gather these shards and prevent their use by evil forces.

Of course, if you're more into numbers than story, you'll be interested to hear that the expansion will raise the level cap to an even 100, add nine zones, 13 raids, 110 quests, and 1800 new spells. SOE also plans to institute an aggro meter, new collection and hunter tasks, fun titles, and an autonomous brokering system to boost the player economy.

As with EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity, Rain of Fear is slated for a November release. Players who attend SOE Live this year will get a free copy of both expansions.

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