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Lady Gaga to release album as iPhone, iPad app


Regular viewers of TUAW TV Live know what a HUGE Lady Gaga fan I am, so when I saw this story I jumped on the chance of bringing you the latest news about the "Queen of Pop." And this time news is Apple-related; instead of wearing a meat dress, Lady Gaga is releasing her next album Artpop as an iPhone and iPad app.

She's not the first pop artist to go the app route. Björk released an "app album" last year, and Sting celebrated his 60th birthday with the recent release of Sting 25, an "appumentary" of the last 25 years of his career.

While I know that all of you are ready to jump into the App Store and buy Artpop, you'll have to wait until the Spring of 2013. Gaga, in a post on her Little Monsters social networking site, said that the interactive album/app/art project/self-indulgence includes "chats, films for every song, extra music, content, gaga inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more."

She left the best for last, though:

Lady Gaga to release album as iPhone, iPad app

Remember to pester Mom and Dad for an iPad for Christmas!

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