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San Jose court: iPhone owners can't sue over broken glass


In a victory for common sense, US District Judge Edward Davila threw out a class action lawsuit from a group of iPhone 4 owners claiming that Apple misrepresented the strength of the glass materials used in the phone.

California resident Betsalel Williamson started the lawsuit after he knocked his brand new iPhone off the arm of a chair, "resulting in spider cracks across the back glass panel" and forcing him to get it replaced.

In the ruling handed down in San Jose, Calif., this week, Judge Davila said that "it is a well known fact of life that glass can break under impact." He also ruled that the iPhone owners in the case failed to show that Apple violated any of California's consumer protection laws or breached a warranty.

The judge also pointed out the obvious to the plaintiffs, stating that "a phone without a case was more vulnerable" to breaking glass. If you're in the mood for reading the details, the full ruling is embedded below.

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