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Vodafone offers unlimited voice, texts, 1GB data with £29-per-month Red plan


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It's a sign of the times that as our smartphones do more, the less we use them for their intended purpose, you know, as a phone. Vodafone's seizing upon the trend by offering you unlimited calls and texts, but keeps a firm hand on the hose marked "data allocation." Vodafone Red will set you back £29 a month, offering you 1GB of mobile internet on the network, while £34 gets you Vodafone Red Data, doubling your allowance to 2GB. The plans go live in-store and online from tomorrow, and are available to pair with any handset that the company current sells -- and, we'd hope, any that arrive in the near future.

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 Talk and text as much as you want and get loads of internet with Vodafone Red
 Our best ever value plans with unlimited calls from £29 a month
 Truly unlimited calls and texts available for all handsets

Vodafone UK is launching Vodafone Red, its best ever value plans, bringing unlimited voice, text and loads of internet to pay monthly customers.

Vodafone pioneered mobile phone calling in the UK when it launched the first commercial service back in 1985. Since then phones have got smaller and smarter, new services have been introduced and the internet has gone mobile, but people still want to chat. Now Vodafone is giving everyone the ability to talk for as long as they want to as many people as they like.

From £29 a month, customers can get unlimited calls and texts, plus 1GB of internet with Red. Customers who want to chat and text as much as they like and get even more internet can choose Red Data, starting at £34 a month, which offers a massive 2GB of internet – double our current highest standard allowance. Vodafone Red plans are available from September 7 across all the handsets that Vodafone supplies, meaning everyone can now benefit from unlimited calls.

Chief executive Guy Laurence said "People want to talk for as long as they like to whoever they want, whenever they want, without having to think about things like how many minutes they are using or what's left in their call bundles. That's why we are calling time on call charges.

We are offering unlimited calls on all the handsets that we sell, making it simple for customers to choose what they want and easy to understand what they are getting. They can just take out their phone and call without any worries."

Vodafone Red plans offer unlimited calls to all UK mobiles – not just other Vodafone customers – and standard UK landlines, with no restrictions on how long a customer can talk or how many people they call.

All new and upgrading customers who sign up to a Vodafone Red plan will also be able to take advantage of Data Test Drive, giving them as much internet as they like to use however they like, for the first three months so they can fully explore what their device has to offer. At the end of the three month period we'll let them know exactly how much data they've used and whether the plan they've chosen suits their needs. They will also be able to draw on the expertise of our Tech Team, both in-store and on the phone, and take advantage of Vodafone's innovative RED Box device, which will transfer contacts, text messages and other content to their new phone.

For further information (from 7 September) visit

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