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Argue over who gets to be Chun-Li's bracelet in Street Fighter Monopoly


We've always assumed, given there's a version for just about everything, that Street Fighter Monopoly already existed. Then we were wrong, but now we are right. Yes, 'Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector's Edition' is now available on Amazon at a RRP for $39.99.

The tokens are Chun-Li's bracelet, Vega's mask, a Hadouken, M.Bison, Blanka, Ryu, and Zangief's tiny red shorts. Alright, we made that last one up, but we had to highlight the oversight. As for the properties, while they're set to locations like 'Japanese Bathhouse' and 'China Marketplace,' in reality we reckon they're ordered by the character portraits on them. So, M. Bison and Gouken are the dark blues, which we suppose makes sense. Although there must be a case for Ryu (yellows) and Ken (reds) being the most valuable. Mind you, we're just happy they included everyone's favorite boxing gentleman, Dudley (light blues).

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