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Breakfast Topic: Tell me about your kills!


In a Breakfast Topic, I asked you to tell me about your deaths. There were some brilliant responses, from laugh out loud funny to touching to mundane tales of corpse walking. Someone else who liked the Breakfast Topic was regular reader Wordgardener, who sent me this message.
I wanted to propose a slightly bloodthirsty Breakfast Topic -- Favorite PvP kill. I guess you could do cool PvE kills, too. There have been some hilarious defeats of both types that I reveled in, and that still crack me up to this day. Specifically, an Alliance mage had been taunting us in Wintergrasp from on top of the fort just after the battle. So I took my DK up, began to fall, and deathgripped him down into the courtyard full of Horde. We both lost a lot of hit points in that fall, and at first the other Horde were wondering why I'd dropped my self so far... then they ate him.
I loved this idea, as you might know my main role here at WoW Insider is writing the PvP column Blood Sport. I can think of a few great PvP and PvE kills, but I want to hear about yours! What kills stick in your mind?

One of my favorites was out in the world, on a raid on Thunder Bluff. I, on my shaman, had been beaten down to low health by a trio of Horde melee, and a shadow priest came to my aid, standing on a roof. Between us, the priest and I took two down, but the third had almost got me. As I popped my Spiritwalker's Grace to cast a Lava Burst, the priest gripped me, resulting in a bizarre spectacle where my ball of fire and I seemed to part company in mid-air, me flying up onto the roof, and it flying into the hapless warrior, killing him. It looked really cool!

So tell me your stories, they don't have to be PvP, could be dungeon bosses, raid bosses, quest mobs, trash, anything you like.

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