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Critter Crunch barfs up on Steam Sept. 11


Capybara Games' colorful puzzler Critter Crunch is gonna puke rainbow chunks September 11 all over Steam.

"The game will be available for both PC and Mac, support mouse/keyboard or controller and have all the great online modes – including the ability to play PC vs Mac and vice-versa," Capy founder Nathan Vella told us today. "All for the same $6.99. And barf. Rainbow barf."

Critter Crunch began life many moons ago as a mobile game, then became a high-profile PSN game and struggled in the the sales department. Critter Crunch was also available as an iOS title for a brief time, but due to complications at a higher level, Vella can only say, "The publisher chose to remove it from the app store."

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