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Nvidia's Quadro K5000 GPU coming to a Mac Pro near you, and it's fast


Graphics card maker Nvidia has announced that its brand new Quadro K5000 GPU will be available inside of Apple's Mac Pro computers, and Engadget recently got a chance to see the new cards in action. The cards will offer 4 GB of graphics memory and some superfast performance, and will be able to support up to the new 4K video standard (which is what the television manufacturers are planning as a resolution after the current 1080p).

As you'd expect, Engadget says everything ran very impressively. Adobe Premiere Pro ran without a hitch, even when including plenty of video effects and processing. But that isn't really a surprise, as a super card like this shouldn't struggle in a demo situation. We'll probably need a brand new Mac Pro with one of these in it to really know for sure how the card works. Anyone have five or six grand they can spare?

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